Hi Everybody,

Thanks for visiting my website.  It's been a few years since I went into the studio and recorded my album, Devil On My Shoulder.  It was originally released on iTunes with the hopes of a hard-copy release in the following months.  After some setbacks, this badboy is finally available in CD form.

I'm very proud of this album, which was produced bu John Greenberg and recorded at The Zone in Dripping Springs (Where Los Lonely Boys & The Dixie Chicks and many more have recorded), Moonhouse Studios (Chris Gage and Christine Albert's lovely S. Austin musical retreat), and at Small Moon Studios (Bill Small).

It includes performances by some truly great musicians including:

Rusty Wier
Tina Wilkins 
Jimmy "Jimmydaddy" Davis
Lloyd Maines
Bill Small
Chris Gage
John M. Greenberg
John Chipman
Michael Ramos
and Harmoni Kelley
I even played some trumpet on it!

I hope you can spare the $13 for the CD + shipping.  If you hate it, I'll refund your money out of my own pocket!

Devil On My Shoulder - CD
  • Devil On My Shoulder - CD


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  1. Devil on my Shoulder
  2. Picture in my Head
  3. Bottomless Bottle Full of Whiskey
  4. Take Me Away
  5. Resurrection
  6. Catching Up
  7. Hungover Sundays with Rusty Wier
  8. If You're Gonna Leave
  9. Drifter/Loser
  10. Kansas
  11. Song for Blake
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