Americana Highways debuts "Wretch Like Me" 

Song Premiere: Austin Mayse “Wretch Like Me”  

Melissa ClarkeSeptember 30, 2020  

Austin Mayse – “Wretch Like Me”  Americana Highways presents this premiere of Austin Mayse’s song “Wretch Like Me” from his forthcoming album Bridges and Kerosene, due to be released on January 27.  



Bridges and Kerosene was produced by Chris Beall with executive producers Walt and Tina Wilkins.  It was mixed by Pat Manske at the Zone in Dripping Springs; recorded at Jumping Dog Studios; engineered by Ron Flynt; and mastered by Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova.   

Musicians on the album are Austin Mayse on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, LP vibra slap, and trumpet; Chris Beall on guitars and backing vocals; Harmoni Kelley on bass and backing vocals; John Chipman on drums, percussion, and backing vocals; Ron Flynt on keyboards; Rich Brotherton on mandolin; Geoff Queen on steel guitar; Jenee Fleenor on fiddle and viola; JJ Plasencio on cello; and Walt Wilkins, Tina Wilkins, and Amy Hooper on backing vocals.   

“Wretch Like Me” contains the line that became the title for the album, a sign that this song is special among a sequence of special songs.  Confessional and fluid with vocal harmonies that catch a chill in a good way, this music is worth committing to a good long listen.   

“Wretch Like Me” is my mission statement. Bridges & Kerosene is a journey, and this song is the forward before the story. It lets the listener know who I am and where I’m coming from. I’mnot perfect, but I do have a hope for people to treat others with dignity and let them live theirown lives. I also take an agnostic stance in regards to religion, observing that there is plenty of room in the mystery of our universe to allow for a multitude of possibilities and beliefs. — Austin Mayse

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